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Busy Playing On The Radio!

December 11, 2009

After 6 months of not playing on the radio, the call came in!  Rick “Bubba” Taylor, a long time friend and co worker, called me on Monday to see if I wanted to work part-time.  You bet was my answer and within a few hours I was an employee again!  The next morning at 7:30 I get a call from Bubba asking if I could do the afternoon show!  Of course I jumped at the opportunity.  About an hour into the show he came in and asked me if I would like to do the show the rest of the week!

I’m really excited to be back on the air, even though it is on a part-time basis.  The new afternoon guy is really great.  I just met him today and think he is going to be a nice addition to Portland Radio.

KUPL and the other properties that were owned by CBS radio sold to Alpha Broadcasting.  Alpha is a new radio group with really great people at the helm  It’s owned by Larry Wilson, who was originally the guy who started Citadel Broadcasting.  He believes in LIVE and LOCAL radio!  He sold that property a few years ago and is now ready to get back in the game.  He has jumped head first by buying up Paul Allen’s stations last year and CBS this year.  They are bringing in new voices to the market and spending money to get them here.  This is good for radio.  It shows that there are people who still believe in the power of radio.

The spend less make more attitude of the “Big Box Broadcaster”  is going to lose if there are companies like Alpha.  Alpha is making great steps to connect with the community every day and I love being part of it…even if it is just a show here and there.  I’ll be back on tomorrow afternoon and again on Sunday from 11-3.  I plan to post full scoped shows on the Scopes tab.

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